Welcome to All Things Paula Simone White

There is magic in new beginnings.

“I am able to gather the bits and pieces of my experiences and weave for you a web, representative of the winding path I followed to arrive at this place. To you it seems comprehensive. But you must know that there was a time when I had no idea who I was becoming. . . ” From Jambalaya by Luisah Teish

As an author, musician, textile artist and a participant in the Chicago Marathon for my local domestic violence agency, I’ve established this digital home base to display my art and write about my adventures. We’re constantly adding new pieces and columns here, so I welcome you to visit this page again and again.

When my mother was seven months pregnant with me, my maternal grandmother and maternal great grandmother sent my mother in Chicago a package which contained a letter with the name Paula and a single Irish chain baby quilt that they both created together from Marvel, Arkansas. I was the first grandchild out of twenty seven grandchildren on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family, so they were very excited to name me, even though they didn’t know my gender at the time. So my name, my gender and my destiny as a textile artist had been preordained. There’s been some confusion about me and my name with Paula White Ministries, so I felt the need to explain myself.  Read more in My Name is Paula Simone White.

Quilts with hexagons are known as grandmother’s flower garden quilts. I made mine with a hand quilting technique known as English paper piecing with one and one fourth inch hexagons. It takes a lot of time to do these quilts. People either love making them or run away from them. There seems to be no happy medium concerning this. Some people even pay other people to make them so they won’t go through all that sitting around, cultivating their patience. They are proudly displayed in the textiles exhibits of museums and quilting conferences around the world.

Recently, I completed the 2016 Chicago Marathon and resumed contrabass lessons. I am wondering why I didn’t do all of this sooner. I LOVE IT!!!! Please feel free to join me on my upcoming marathon and musical adventures!

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