MAC’s Guo Pei Makeup Collection

MAC Guo Pei CollectionI know this is coming late, but I have to mention MAC’s Guo Pei makeup collection! Guo Pei is a fashion designer in China who made dresses for both Rhianna and Zoe Saldana for the 2015 and 2016 Met Galas, respectively.

I really appreciated Guo Pei sharing that she had been influenced by American Westerns, especially the petticoat designs. No one was there to teach her how to make them, so she learned how to make them herself through trial and error. Hearing that story made me feel better about the 1,200 inch and a half hexagon pieces I went through trying to learn how to make grandmother’s flower garden quilts.

MAC’s Guo Pei makeup collection is stunning! With the packaging being in silk fabric, I had to support someone who was making textiles as art!


I don’t even know how to say this (and one week doesn’t even ease the pain), but I just have to say it: I WANT MY PRINCE BACK!!!! I am trying not to cry as I write this. I was really hoping the news was a horrible internet rumor, but it wasn’t. I have been listening to his CDs going to work and coming back home all week, but it is not enough! Just give me one more concert, okay? Am I asking too much?!?!?! I have most of the CDs, so I didn’t have to buy them when I heard the news.

I did actually see him concert at the Allstate Arena when it was the Rosemont Horizon during the Lovesexy tour when I was in high school. He was amazing! The Sign O’ the Times concert dvd. It was one of the best, if not the best, concert dvds I ever saw. I saw him perform during the Superbowl half time show 10 years ago an television. Not taking away from anyone else, but his performance was one of the best I had ever seen. I can’t say I had a favorite CD because I loved them all, ESPECIALLY the B sides of his LPs! I mean, kids used to sing the b sides at my school.

The movie and CD of Under the Cherry Moon made me so happy during my freshman year of high school! I danced around in my family room at my parent’s house to the Mountains video on MTV all summer long!!! I especially loved visiting Minneapolis about 7 years ago because I could not go to the quilt museum, the gas station, a Chinese restaurant, Target or even Macy’s without hearing Prince. I really felt the people there understood me. And let me say I thought he was a very handsome man! He was truly a wonderful artist and I WANT MY PRINCE BACK!!!!!