A Mercury Retrograde Stress Reliever

Have you noticed that the past month has been full of conflicts? Changes? Strife?

This was our second mercury retrograde of the year. Mercury retrograde is a moon cycle that takes place three or even four times a year, but many people associate it with being chaotic (with good reason). There is a lot of miscommunication.  I encourage everyone to study this lunar cycle further.

People don’t talk about this enough. Many people do not even know about it, but they should. At one point, I know I didn’t. A lot of people are walking around, trying to figure out what is going on. It seems like Murphy’s Law is taking place: “Whatever could go wrong, has gone wrong and whatever hasn’t gone wrong, went wrong anyway.”

This particular mercury retrograde has been one of the most challenging retrograde periods of my life. And I wasn’t the only one.

This was the chaotic side of mercury retrograde I saw in the past month: People who lost jobs, state programs that many patients needed for their well being cut, more traffic accidents. One child I know was bitten by a dog. I had family members who were hospitalized, friends of the family who died unexpectedly. A number of people left their state (not just Illinois) to move elsewhere due to changes in their personal situations. A friend of the family planned to get married, but the marriage plans fell through. Medical equipment at work completely shut down.

Mercury retrograde can be a time of rejection. If you have been paying attention to popular media, no one is immune to say the least: relationship break ups, secrets coming out, rains and flash flooding, more incidents of violence.

Mercury retrograde is a time of review. Whatever was planned, has to be planned and prepared for all over again.

I have had to cancel my plans to take an art quilt class I have been trying to take for 5 years because my plans dramatically changed. I am trying to reschedule. My work schedule has kept changing and changing, constantly being rearranged because a higher plan is taking place, really. One person asked me, “Are you still in training?” I explained I was going to one department, but I’ve been placed in another. “That’s too much,” she said. That’s mercury retrograde I wanted to tell her, but I didn’t.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t all bad, though.

Mercury retrograde is a reflective time. I heard from people I had not talked to in months or years. Depending on your relationships, this can be a wonderful thing.

Mercury retrograde is a time to release. I had no idea that I would leave the job I have worked at for 5 years.

Mercury retrograde is a time of review. Like I said, I received new job. I have been a nurse for 15 years and I wanted this job since my third week of working as a nurse. I am learning about information that I had to know for state boards when I first became a nurse 15 years ago, but now I am going over these facts all over again.

Mercury retrograde can be a regenerative time. Some people are able to make more money in retrograde than they do at any other time. The people I knew who were able to get hired received raises.

Mercury retrograde is a creative time. I took a drawing and watercolor class in preparation for an art quilting class that I have been trying to take for 5 years. And for me, I embraced my true nature by knitting this scarf as well as hand quilting through the chaos. Mercury retrograde is lunar cycle, but textile arts will always be a constant for me no matter what.


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