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I am sorry if I have never publically acknowledged this fact, but I will right now. It is through the genre writers, most especially the romance writers, that I have been able to recover my creativity, both as a writer and as a textile artist. I have always read everything: fiction, nonfiction and poetry. I am a part of a number of professional writing organizations, which is essential if you are going to be a writer. One of those professional writing organizations is Romance Writers of America.


There are smaller groups that meet on specific days of the week at specific times, such as Windy City RWA and Chicago North RWA. I joined RWA with a story based on my experiences as a nurse that I wanted to develop, but didn’t know how.


I have spent most of my time with Windy City RWA in Naperville because their meeting times fit best with my work schedule. This where I met Sonali Dev. She literally took me under her wing, told me what craft instruction classes I needed to take and exactly what I needed to do to benefit from this wonderful organization. I am very grateful! To become a published author is a dream she has harbored for a very long time. I am also happy to see her out here promoting her books.

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