Keeping Dreams Alive Charity Gala 2017

“Making dream catchers is fun!” is what I thought about this year’s charity gala for South Suburban Family Shelter’s Keeping Dreams Alive charity gala for 2017. At first, I wasn’t planning on going, but my schedule opened up.

I will admit the prospect of making dream catchers became another appeal of going this year! This was my first time making a dream catcher. Oh sure, there are books that detail how to make dream catchers, but we allowed ourselves to have a “creativity workshop” so to speak, before the event to let our imaginations soar!

We had yarn, ribbons, gold hoops, satin flowers and doilies all around us, in addition to banana bread, pizza and great company to further fuel our imagination. I made the Purple Heart dream catcher. It was not easy. I wanted for the yarn to be all over the dream catcher in a web like pattern with the only hollow part being the heart. Well, that didn’t work out.

As a matter of fact, it kept not working out for three whole hours! I had the choice to either give up or come up with a new, improved and simplified design. What can I say? I love making things, so I came up with a new design: Place yarn on the heart only. Then use purple ribbon on the bottom. No one but me knows how much I had to use the glue gun and two sided tape, like one layer after the other, to make that yarn stick to the heart and the entire hoop to hold together and not fall apart. There now! Problem solved! Actor Samuel J. Jackson said, “Sometimes we suffer for our craft.”

Don’t I know it. . .

The people who had an easier time had the crochet dollies to tie onto the gold hoops. They were done with those dream catchers in thirty minutes. They were smart. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Anyway, it was a fun time as usual. I volunteered for the event. The tables looked lovely with their dream catchers. There was a dream wall with requests of needed items for the shelter. The wall had clouds and stars. There were written descriptions of our “Wall of Dreams” on each table.

Within the current political climate and our resources dwindling, our dream came true to continue to keep going, even for a night.

Manifesting Healthy Futures Art Instillation at Macy’s

I have been asked to write about this event for a while and I have refrained because words cannot even describe how important this art instillation was to me. It was important on a professional level because as a former psychiatric nurse, I have seen a lot of people who have been depressed and suicidal. Personally, I have had my share of trauma, but as I have said before, textiles have greatly helped me.

The art instillation was covered on WCIU. There was an anthology made about the event. It was a mixed media art instillation. We had to write five pages on nonfiction or poetry. Then we had to make a visual piece of our choice in any genre (collage, paint, pottery, clay, photography, textiles, etc.). I learned how to complete a grandmother’s flower garden quilt (finally!).

The event was held on the seventh floor of Macy’s on State Street. There were art stations and we had to demonstrate to people how we made our pieces. Someone I didn’t know decided to paint a picture of sunflowers, inspired by my art quilt and I took a picture in front of it.

The food was incredible. My hairdresser dyed my hair 10 shades lighter than I wanted it to be. My  black patent platform high heels were completely uncomfortable. It was my first art instillation in nearly seven years, but  I personally felt great things came to me because I waited. My identity as a mixed media artist became more solidified by participating in this project. It definitely got me thinking about the possibilities that existed for me as a mixed media artist.

Manifesting 3Manifesting 2

MAC Viva Glam Makeup Collection

When I went out to celebrate my new position as a private duty nurse, I wore my MAC Viva Glam makeup collection. Viva Glam is the charity line created by MAC (Makeup Artistry Cosmetics) where all the proceeds go towards people living with HIV and AIDS:


As a matter of fact, MAC’s Viva Glam collection has given quite a bit of money to A Children’s Place Association in Chicago. I applied for a job there, but they called me after I received the one I already had!:


MAC’s Viva Glam makeup collection has had a lot of colors, but the ones that I get the most compliments on is the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 1 makeup collection. She has moved on to orange, but I first purchased the hot pink. I haven’t worn colors like this since I was in high school and I love it. Whenever I wear the hot pink, people constantly ask me about the collection.MAC Viva Glam Makeup CollectionPanache!