Even Sheep Look to Lighten Their Load

I don’t know about you, but mercury retrograde is in upswing around me. The main way I am seeing this is through employment. The unfortunate part of today’s healthcare system is that it doesn’t allow for us as healthcare providers to actually give patient care. This is what nursing is all about, if you ask me, but no one has. More work is spent on documentation, paperwork than patient care. And more and more and more is loaded on you until you are drowning in computers and paperwork while the patient is left to fend for his or herself.

Over the years, I did wound care for people who were injured due to domestic violence. Due to the corporate buy out for these facilities, patients were transferred to other facilities and sometimes home. But if you were injured due to domestic violence, is it really a good idea to be at home? It was heartbreaking. I’d had enough, so I found myself in between jobs in a challenging economy.

I am trying to return to my roots of home care because there is more of an emphasis on that topic, but in the meantime, the transition has been slow. It is retrograde after all. I am doing what I can to remain patient and calm. When I get like this, I have to remind myself what makes me whole, healed and complete: Fiber arts.

I think I remember Debbie Stoller writing about a similar situation in her Stitch and Bitch series where she spent her time knitting and doing crochet. So, I did what I knew best: knitting and hand sewing. Then, I saw this article and I was delighted! Even the sheep are looking for ways to make life a little lighter for themselves!:



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