Frogging (Rip It! Rip It!)

FroggingI had to rip it! Frog it! Unbelievable! Who heard the instructions wrong?! More than likely it was me! “Cast on 25 stitches, knit in garter stitch until the skein runs out. “ Fine, no problem. I found out today, though, that knit 1, purl 1 means knit one stitch, purl the next stitch, not knit one row and purl the next row. I couldn’t figure out why my yarn was drawing in on itself like moistened crepe paper. I was almost done with the skein! I had to rip it out, start all over again. “You’ll never get that out, even with blocking,” people told me. What?! I thought that that’s what blocking was for! To get out anything that rolled up. This explains why I ruined a perfectly good sweater years ago. Long story. . . . But I am not about to ruin this strippy scarf! “Just knit it,” I was told. I will admit it is going a lot faster and I like it. I didn’t even measure the length when I took the picture. I was just too scared. It was just the initial shock of it all was too much, like how could I mess that up?! I was doing this project because it was simple.

Or so I thought.



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