Happy Mother’s Day!

One thing I learned as a professional caregiver is that it is hard to be a caregiver! For this reason alone, I salute those who are caregivers by any circumstance. Quiet as it is kept and/or largely debated, giving birth is not necessary to being a good caregiver. Nor is adoption. Or surrogate parenting. Or being of one gender, age, race, creed, color and/or religion. Or whatever else is out there. Care giving is a matter of heart.

If you deeply love the person (or people) that is in your care, that is enough.

Focus on the love. Focus on the good things. Focus on the positive memories. This moment is all you have, so make it a positive one. If you are able to say, “I love you” to the caregivers in your life, make sure you do so. My mom wanted dinner at Hamada of Japan in Tinley Park, Illinois, a card and some flowers.

Have a virtual dinner, card and flowers for yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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