My Pineapple Shawl

My Pineapple Shawl 2Ever since I was a child, I have loved shawls! However, as a child of the handmade revolution, I preferred that they were handmade. My fiber arts meet up was perfect to help me with this positive memory association from my childhood.


My fiber arts meet up takes place at Panera Bread Company in Lincoln Avenue in Chicago every first and third Sunday of the month. There is a wonderful crochet artist in my fiber arts meet up named Ellen who makes extraordinary pineapple shawls. The first time attended two years ago, I saw a pineapple shawl that Ellen created. I could not believe the extraordinary detail! It was sooo Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks influenced! Can’t you just hear the song “Gypsy” in your head as you are looking at it?!?! I just had to have one!


My maternal great grandmother was a crochet queen. I still have the afghans she made. Unfortunately, I simply did not inherit the crochet gene (sniffle)! I can do granny squares, but that is about it. And after a challenging day at work, it is a necessity. But I wanted my pineapple shawl now, not when I would actually learn how to get through a pineapple stitch. I had some Berocco Fiji yarn to make a sweater that I decided in the end should be a pineapple shawl instead. So, I had Ellen make me a pineapple shawl. She finished just in time for my birthday and I loved it!

Thank you Ellen!

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