OMG! It’s Sheila E.

I normally do not go to concerts when I have a double shift the following day, but this was Sheila E! I have been trying to get to her concert since I was fifteen years old and I had pictures of Prince, Sheila E. and U2 on my bedroom walls. I watched the Sign O the Times concert video over and over because it was in my opinion one of the best concert movies ever, so I had to go! Even the fact that I got off from work late wearing my nursing uniform still didn’t stop me.

I watched for the sale of these tickets like hawk on the Bandsintown website. As soon as I received the e mail alert, I was there. The concert took place at Buddy Guy’s Restaurant during their intimate concert series. In other words, this was definitely worth the wait. I was close to the stage.

It was better than I could have ever imagined: Sheila E. rapping! Sheila E. performing jazz! Shelia E. doing Ella Fitzgerald scant! Sheila E. performing One Nation Under a Groove! She even bought people on stage to dance. People salsa danced around the stage. This CD is some of the best music for the summer! It was especially gratifying to hear the music right after the concert.Sheila E. Concert

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