Like I said, I am not getting married, but I usually know other people who are getting married. This past week is an example of what I have been saying. I went to a bridal shower that was being given in one of those paint places that are popping up everywhere called Paintertaining 1Paintertaining 3 in Homewood, Illinois. I was too thrilled!

The bride to be looked beautiful in her white dress, veiled dress and she was an incredibly lovely hostess. It was beautiful to witness the generosity and bounty of everyone. The gifts ranged from tame (gift certificates to Bed, Bath and Beyond) to outrageous (edible massage oils), but the atmosphere of love and happiness ran high.

After a day at work, this was truly a delightful event. We ate spaghetti and blue colored lemonade with lemons slices within it. The cake was chocolate, one of my favorites. It made me smile. These women cared deeply about having a great time! We listened to the best of my high school music soundtrack of my life: Under a Cherry Moon by Prince and painted whatever we wanted. We were given a theme of a shoe. I took the idea a step further given that my first self marriage anniversary was rapidly approaching. I loved the MAC cosmetics Cinderella collection that was available earlier this year, so I decided upon a “My Glass Slipper” type of theme. I felt especially complimented when the bride complimented my painting and the theme I chose for it!

I had been to Brushes and Bottles, Bottles and Bottega, and Pinot’s Palatte, but it was really nice to know that paint shop had opened up nearby.

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