Professional Art Quilt Alliance (PAQA)

I met with this group about 10 years ago and it is funny how things repeat themselves. After the Macy’s show, I can now honestly say I am ready to meet with them. Again, the Quilt Fest Oasis event by Mancuso Show Management really inspired me to do whatever it is I had to do to take this to the next level. My work schedule is genuinely crazy for the past 15 years, but for now, it has allowed me to be able to make regular meetings. Finally.

They have been doing the same thing for years: meeting up the second Wednesday morning every month, same time. They do show and tell of their latest art quilt projects. They give information about how to enter into the national quilting exhibits and magazines. The people are very friendly and nice. Staying to talk is a real treat. Learning from the wisdom of other professional art quilters is a real treat:

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