Quilt Fest Oasis Palm Springs 2015

So I went back again this year! I dreamt of this place for 12 months straight months! I was especially sold after I heard Alyson Allen was going to do a Maya Angelo Quilt exhibit. I had to be there! Allyson Allen is a textile artist and teacher who was featured on a Time Warner Cable special about quilters.

There is also a book called A Communion of Spirits by Roland L. Freeman that I highly recommend. Roland L. Freeman’s family made quilts when he was growing up. As an adult, he worked for National Geographic and Time Magazine as a photographer. He profiled African American quilters all across the country for a 20 year period.

As a direct result, he talked to Maya Angelo before she died. The book features a picture of Maya Angelo when she was alive with the quilts she made when she was going through writer’s block. Her mother recommended quilting when she felt creatively stumped. Alice Walker ironically quilts when she goes through writer’s block. Alice Walker is also featured in the book with the quilts she made when she was writing The Color Purple.

As far as Quilt Fest Oasis Palm Springs is concerned, I took Allyson Allen’s Fabric Journal class. Much like when I had joined my local professional writing organizations, I had joined some art journaling online forums after my drawing and watercolor class and found everyone to be friendly. However, I missed my fabric, so Allyson Allen’s Fabric Journal class appealed to me. I found the class was the perfect marriage between art quilts and art journals for me. It was a book where I could draw out my upcoming quilt designs.

I had not had Vietnamese food in the desert since I left New Mexico. And the fact that it was a couple blocks from my hotel made it even better. Bill’s Pizza was another favorite. I later learned that it has been ranked as one of the best pizza places in the nation. I did not know that last year when I first ate there. I just thought, “This is some really good pizza!” But most of all, I enjoyed driving through the desert again, walking through the desert again and being with my art quilting family in class once more.Vietnamese SoupBill's Pizza

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