Red Apple Buffet

Red Apple BuffetThis whole year has felt like mercury retrograde for me, not just the retrograde periods. The good part has been getting together with people who I haven’t seen in a very long time. I went to dinner with a friend named Kay who was the one who told me that Northwestern University had a creative writing program because she went to one of their student readings that was held around Chicago.

She tells me about orchestra musicals and plays that turn out to be good artist dates. I tell her about author discussions that I know about. I’d never go to a Polish buffet before, so she told me about a popular place called the Red Apple Buffet. I am not sure of what I was expecting, but it was classic American buffet cuisine mixed in with Polish food. Why didn’t I figure that out for myself? I’m not sure but caught up with each other. And while eating cheese blintzes, it was an enjoyable retrograde good time.


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