Sheila E. Memoir Book Review

Sheila E. MemoirThe Beat of My Own Drum by Sheila E. is one of the best memoirs I have ever read. She has always been one of my favorite musicians on the face of the planet. Sheila E. details her musical upbringing in Northern California. She also goes into detail about the rape she suffered as a child as well as discovering her life’s purpose to play music at the age of five. Music is what she said saved her from a life of strife caused by her early trauma. This is a good book to read whether you are a musician or not. She goes into detail about the rigors (and sexism) of the music industry that we don’t know and cannot see when we are looking at our favorite artists on television and magazines. She gives useful advice to all artists at the end of the book, regardless of their chosen area. Sheila E. has started a music therapy program to help other children exactly like herself. I read this book straight through and recommended it to everyone. I even recommended it to a woman I know in California who is getting a Ph.D. in psychology and is studying how the working with one’s hands helps to alleviate trauma.  Memoirs are not easy to write, but Sheila E., with the help of Wendy Holden, did a masterful job. I am proud of the work she did to heal herself. I wish her every good, right thing in the world. I cannot wait for the movie!

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