The Art Institute of Chicago

Russian Tea Room 3A lot of people do not know that the Art Institute of Chicago has a textile arts portion. They seem to know all about the other areas, but not the textiles area. If you are able to go, please make a plan to see it. As a textile artist, I must say it has never failed to disappoint me. Just down the street is one of the best Blick’s Stores in the Chicago land area. Even their textiles portion is actually quite nice. I haven’t seen a textiles portion in any other Blick’s within the Chicago land area except for the one down the street from the Art Institute of Chicago. While you are at it, going to the Russian Tea Time afterwards is always a wonderful treat. It’s an ideal artist date for someone like me.

Blick'sThe Art Institute of ChicagoThe Russian Tea Room 1The Russian Tea Room 2

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