The Painted Guru Summit

Oh how I only wish I had listened to the Painted Guru Summit sooner! Much like when I started taking formal textile and writing classes, something in me has awakened. This has been a transformative experience and I thank artist Bebe Butler for putting it together. Even people at work notice I am very exuberant.

The reason why is because the Painted Guru Summit is a free online visual art workshop that I have had an amazing time listening to for the past two weeks on the way to work. I meditate on each of the words of the participants like my own healing meditation. It reminds me why I wake up in the morning and do what I do: It is because I love it!

Each interview of the day has been delightful, like opening one present after the next. There are all kinds of visual artists: painters, people who create art journals, art quilters, photographers, etc. A good number of people have had their work exhibited in galleries. As far as violence against women is concerned, a couple of the artists have worked with women who are in crisis to help empower them by showing them how to create art.

Each one of the artists has a nugget of wisdom that can be used for any artist, no matter what their genre is. This has been the bridge for me artistically. It has picked up where my training in visual arts classes has ended. (at least for now) The workshop is making me excited to take another trip to Blicks, which is a favorite of many visual artists, most especially art quilters out there. It has also been nice to have the support of other visual artists, even if they are miles and miles away.


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