The Super “Blood” Moon Lunar Eclipse

Watching the super “blood” moon lunar eclipse was better than watching CSI, if you ask me:


For those out there who are artistically inclined, work within textiles and feeling influenced by the super “blood” moon, please consider the Fly Me to the Moon Art Quilt Challenge. I only wish I had the time to participate if I weren’t trying to make a quilt for the Chicago Botanical Gardens Fine Art of Fiber event or the Santa Paula Art Museum agricultural show:


The effects of the lunar cycle were all around me. I knew something was up. All during the weekend, my patients were more restless than usual. People drove around like they were too busy to obey the rules of the road or like they simply didn’t know that there were other cars in front of them. It seemed to me that people were more irritable than usual. I did more stress eating than I have ever done since I was in graduate school. This time, pizza and Coca Cola were my top picks. Aside from mercury retrograde, I attributed it all to the super “blood” moon lunar eclipse.


It was like a double dose of side effects, if you ask me. Still, the wonders of the natural world are a healing salve to the depression that comes along with trauma. It was a spectacular site! Just watching it gives energy like nothing else. I stood up watching, not even getting tired. Some of the best things in life are actually free. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Watching the super “blood” moon lunar eclipse was one of them.

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