Writer Police Academy

For me, the Writer Police Academy picked up where domestic violence counseling left off. I didn’t expect that to happen. I was there because I had a romantic suspense novel idea to write based on some of the interesting experiences I have had taking care of police officers and their families during my 15 years of working as a nurse. I still haven’t given up on this novel idea, but right now, nonfiction seems to be the only thing flowing through me.

However, I learned more than I expected from the Writer Police Academy when I attended in Greensboro, North Carolina last year. Even other people said so. It is sponsored in part by Sisters in Crime, a professional writing organization. If anyone was ever interested in how mystery novels are written, the amounts of research that have to be done, this is a good place to be. And if anyone has ever gone through a trauma and needed to learn more about the inner workings of law enforcement, this is also a good place to be.

There are self defense courses, forensic psychologists to tell you about the exact inner workings of a criminal mind and former police officers who tell you all about their last bizarre adventures. There are mock scenes to depict what they see on the job everyday, such as car accidents and explosions they created during drug raids on drug houses. I was able to drive an ambulance in a mock simulation. Not an easy thing, let me tell you. I sat in a crop duster plane that was used for drug searches. I met with the underwater search and rescue team. I was a part of a mock night time crime scene where I had to find the evidence in the middle of the night. The fact that these women were absolute quilt divas particularly endeared me to them. I took a picture next to a raffle quilt, which happened to be a mock chalk outline of a crime scene. And meeting other writers and authors is always a good thing. I highly recommend the Writer Police Academy.


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